Youth Awards

Attend EPIC events and camps to earn awards

As an incentive for attending EPIC events (day classes) and camp, youth receive the following awards:

Junior Youth Awards

6th Grade Award
Earn a $20 Cenex Card and $10 “Camp Bucks”
• Complete three years Junior EPIC events prior to entering 6th grade
•  Attend one Junior Camp prior to entering 6th grade
• Must be a current NDFU member
The award is given out the year following completion.

Flicker Award
Receive a “Flicker Award” t-shirt
Receive a $35 Cenex gift card
Graduate from the Junior Youth Program
• Complete five years Junior EPIC events
•  Attend one Junior Camp

Senior Youth Awards

7th & 8th Grade Lock-In
Join friends from across the state at a lock-in held at Wesley Acres.
• Food
• Fun
• Grades 7-8
• Meet Summer Staff

Third Year Award Tour
Earn a three-day, two-night trip to Minneapolis/St. Paul with educational tours of local and regional cooperatives, CHS headquarters and other attractions. Requirements:
• Complete three years of Senior EPIC events
• Attend one Senior Camp
• Must be a current NDFU member
The trip is by invitation only. Invitations are sent the year after requirements have been met. A one-time alternate opportunity exists if recipient is not able to attend the year achieved, they will be invited once more the following year.

All-States Leadership Camp
Eight-day, seven-night leadership camp held at the NFU Education Center near Bailey, Colorado.
• Complete four years of Senior EPIC events
• Attend two Senior Camps
• Must be a current NDFU member
• Must be between the ages of 17 and 20
Invitations are sent the year after requirements have been met.

Torchbearer Award
The Torchbearer Award is the highest honor a Farmers Union youth can earn, which is presented at the NDFU state convention.
• Receive Torchbearer pin
• Receive an NDFU binder
•  Eligible to apply for the Bergman Scholarship to be used for college
• Graduate from the Farmers Union Youth Program
° Complete five years of Senior Work in the Youth Program (grades 7-12)
° Attend at least one Senior Youth Camp

Bergman Scholarship Award
Each year, one or two scholarships are awarded to Farmers Union Torchbearers. In the fall, applications are sent from the state office directly to all eligible and qualifying Torchbearers.
• Must be receiving Torchbearer Award at the upcoming Farmers Union state convention
• Must have at least 2.50 grade point average
• Must submit completed application and personal recommendations by specified date

State Youth Advisory Council
SYAC members help plan the following year’s state camp programming and activities. Council members meet three times during the year and attend two senior camps the following summer at no cost. Five council members are elected by their peers each summer. Each eligible person announces their desire to run for SYAC and gives a short speech at camp. The campers then vote for their official representative.
• Must attend a Senior Camp after completing 10th or 11th grade to be eligible for the council
• Must have completed three (3) years of EPIC events
• Must have attended two camps prior to running for SYAC