EPIC Events

Previously known as Day Classes

Counties conduct EPIC events (day classes) and activities once a year. The same curriculum is used throughout the state but each county decides when to schedule their class. Classes are divided up by age groups and there are incentives to help attract youth. Fun, social activities are also scheduled in most counties. EPIC coaches (youth leaders) in each county help with those activities.

Classes teach students how to work cooperatively for the common good, how to apply critical thinking skills and how diversity in our world can result in a better way of life for everyone.

The future of family farm agriculture depends heavily upon the civic involvement of the next generation. National Farmers Union believes young people can practice good citizenship now, not only when they reach adulthood. With this in mind, National Farmers Union creates educational materials for grades 1-12 to be used each year by county EPIC coaches. 


To find out when your local EPIC event (day class) will be held, contact your county EPIC Coach.