There are two requirements that must be completed to successfully earn credit for makeup work. You can makeup two years of youth work at a time but separate volunteer activities must be submitted for each year you makeup.


Complete at least 4 hours of volunteer service. Below are some suggestions. But if you have another idea, please contact us first for approval.

  • Volunteer to help at your local co-op.
  • Attend a county Farmers Union board meeting and give a youth report and presentation about camp.
  • Be a junior counselor at Junior Camp (must be in grades 8-12 to volunteer).
  • Help your local EPIC coach with a county EPIC event and give a presentation about camp at the event.
  • Attend a county Farmers Union event and give a presentation about the youth program and camp.
  • Do volunteer work in your community.



Complete the questions imbedded in the form at right and submit at least one photo.



Contact either Bri Sorensen or Miranda Letherman.

Bri: | 952-1404

Miranda: | 952-0166

Correspondence Work

  • Drop files here or