Kommunity Kids

Encouraging our youth to become active citizens

Kommunity Kids LogoThe Kommunity Kids program encourages NDFU youth to become active citizens within their community. The program allows for youth participants to apply for a donation to be made to an organization within their community. In turn, the organization must agree to share information about the Farmers Union Youth Program with its members. The donation is to be used to purchase items that will have the NDFU logo on it. Maximum donation per organization is $500.


  1. Must be an NDFU youth member to participate.
  2. Proposal for the requested donation must be pre-approved by the NDFU Membership Committee. The applicationĀ must be received a minimum of three weeks prior to the NDFU Youth Program presentation.
  3. The applicant must promote Farmers Union’s Youth Program with a presentation to a group of youth in the organization or community. Photo evidence and signed media releaseĀ form of pictured youth must be submitted before donation will be made. The donation may take up to two weeks to be sent after evidence is received.
  4. NDFU logo must be prominently displayed on requested item. The item must be purchased in the year the application was submitted.
  5. NDFU will make the check out directly to the organization or the business where the item is being purchased.
  6. Following the purchase, pictures and a story must be submitted to NDFU for Union Farmer publication.