Communication is key for any grassroots organization. At NDFU, we continue to adopt and adapt avenues to reach out to members, including communication by digital means.

Digital communication is any computer-based technology for communicating, which includes personal communication and the communication of information, entertainment and promotions to broad audiences. It all comes with rules and regulations. And, in most cases, it is necessary for individuals (our members) to “opt in” to allow NDFU to communicate with you using digital tools.

Your board and staff are working hard to connect members through current and new digital tools. We believe cell phones and other hand-held computers are the best source to reach members on a timely basis. That immediate connection gives us the ability to be a flexible and influential organization.

Currently at NDFU, we use social media (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok), email blasts and group text messages to communicate digitally with members. These platforms are great tools. But often times, they do not allow us a more direct one-on-one means of communication. Likewise, members don’t have the ability to filter the information they want to receive from NDFU. Until now.

Your organization is excited to announce our new digital app (application) for mobile devices! It will be introduced at county conventions this fall and the state convention, but can be downloaded now in the Apple or Google Play store.

A digital app is a broad term that refers to any application software that can be used by a computer, mobile device or tablet to perform useful tasks. It opens the door for faster communication that will make us more efficient and effective. Your ability to get news, register for events, keep abreast of upcoming activities and more will be enhanced. Our research shows there are many apps available but very few organizations like ours, a membership-based organization, have this capacity.

As with any new project that we pursue at NDFU, it takes effort by our members to make it successful. It is essential for each of you to attend a county convention and/or the state convention to get the best information about all the capabilities of the new app and future potential functions.

The effort to build, release, educate and encourage use of the app is a financial and time commitment by our organization. My challenge to all members and our leaders is to attend a meeting to learn about the app. Please help us make others aware and encourage them to download and use the app. 

The success of any new communication tool is based on a large group of members participating and using the new technology. I believe you will find this tool to be extremely effective in carrying out the mission and the goals of our organization.

— NDFU President Mark Watne