I often answer questions from members and the public about Farmers Union. Questions usually center around the most important things the organization does and why. The easy answer is to rattle off our mission statement and goals, but I find that people are looking for something more in depth.

Right now if I were to answer that question, the statewide insurance agents’ training we do each year is top of mind. The meeting is designed to educate agents on business strategies, new products and community involvement. We hear and share stories of the work our company does to support rural America.

Our insurance company uses the phrase, “Protecting what’s important in life.” Farmers Union Insurance does more than just provide great insurance products. The company maintains our commitment to rural America, family farms and ranches, and communities across our state. 

With well over 100 agents in North Dakota and other states, we have a presence in rural communities.

North Dakota Farmers Union and Farmers Union Insurance have donated and invested countless dollars to develop community projects through financial support, member and agent involvement.

We have also worked hard to provide a synergetic system between our farm organization and insurance company. We are reaping the rewards of this relationship. The connection makes us strong and helps us achieve the overarching goals of our organization.

Farmers Union members believe the owner-operated family farm and ranch is the keystone of a free, progressive, democratic society and a strong rural America; and is the basis of a secure and stable national food security system. We are committed to providing effective grassroots leadership in rural America and to significantly increasing net farm and ranch income, while improving the quality of rural life and increasing North Dakota’s rural population so family farmers and rural communities thrive and prosper.

So when asked questions about our organization, I say we are an organization that follows the principles established by our members, an organization that fights for the policies that are voted on annually at our convention, an organization designed to help those who want greater representation by simply showing up and participating, and an organization committed to ongoing education to provide the most accurate information possible to grassroots leadership in order to achieve our goals.

I am confident you see the work of our organization every day, through our community presence. We do not spend much time talking about our success, but it is visible in everything we do. We have established a reputable brand and will continue to fight the right fight to represent this brand going forward. 

— NDFU President Mark Watne