By Farmers Restaurant Group 

Farmers Restaurant Group welcomed two interns this summer ­– Cassidy Neidviecky and Derrick Fox, who made their way to our D.C. restaurants straight from their hospitality studies at North Dakota State College of Science.

Partnering with North Dakota Farmers Union, we invited Cassidy and Derrick to intern with our FRG team this summer for some real, hands-on experience and bring to life what they’re learning in the classroom. From front of house to kitchen to back office, they fit right in with our team at Farmers & Distillers.

Neidviecky and Fox each received $2,000 from NDFU in May to help defray the cost of living expenses while interning.

With a passion for hospitality and learning about our sustainable restaurant concept, operations, and especially our scratch-made kitchens, Cassidy and Derrick worked their way around all of the Farmers & Distillers stations. 

Connecting it all back to the family farmers who grow and produce our food, they also worked in our bakery where we use North Dakota milled flour that arrives at our restaurants, along with other food supplies, direct from North Dakota via the NDFU food truck.

Our FRG family enjoyed having Cassidy and Derrick with us. Their enthusiasm for learning and working with our teams, and visits in their off-hours to Founding Farmers and Farmers Fishers Bakers, were much appreciated. 

We think they enjoyed it, too. Derrick said of his experience, “My experience at F&D has been absolutely, downright amazing. I couldn’t have asked for anything better this year as an internship.” And Cassidy added, “It was a great experience. I got to meet great people and learn so much. And hopefully one day, I get to move here … and stay here!”