This applies only to users with an ndfu.org account.

As I mentioned in the staff meeting we will be moving the Office 365 host tenant. Starting at 3:00 you will lose access to your email and OneDrive files during the migration. Plan for this outage to be for a couple of hours. I can give you a temporary login if you need access. Please let me know.

Once the email transfer is complete you need to login with the temporary password I will be sending you via text message. At the first login post migration it will ask you to do a password reset. You can do the first login at office.com or in the outlook app.

You will have to delete the outlook account on your computer and phone then read the account. Here are the steps for the mobile Outlook App. https://youtu.be/Mewbk2EJ9y8 Here are the Steps for the Outlook app on Mac. https://youtu.be/DbSfMCtWxwg

After the email has been cut over the OneDrive files will then be moved. We are expecting the files will move in a few hours for most, but there are a few users that might take the whole weekend.

After the migration is complete you will have to re share the OneDrive files that you have shared with others, both inside the organization and outside.

If you use the OneDrive tool to make you OneDrive files available on your desktop you will need to update your client link. instructions to do that can be found here https://youtu.be/PF1GhgUFBLw.

Last step is to make sure that you are signed correctly into Microsoft Teams. Link for those instructions is here: https://youtu.be/eqRl1PXl1vM

If you have questions during this process my cell number is 320-7636.