Farm Bill

Family farm and ranch agriculture is our priority

North Dakota Farmers Union believes that our national farm policy must ensure that control of agriculture is vested with the family farm and reverse the decline in the number of family farms. It should foster a fair and competitive environment that allows farmers and ranchers to increase their net farm income, improve the quality of rural life, and continue to provide a safe, reliable supply of food, fiber and fuel to this country and the world.

We adamantly oppose stripping the nutrition title from the farm bill. It is about connecting the people who grow food to those who eat food – an obvious educational tie that needs to stay in place for any agriculturally driven state such as North Dakota. Keeping the nutrition title in the farm bill helps connect the dots in the farm-to-table story so consumers, taxpayers and the hungry understand the importance of a strong agricultural economy.

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To learn more about this important legislation and tips on contacting your members of Congress, watch the videos below.