As the holidays approach, a new online video series about Farmers Union Insurance (FUI) illustrates giving isn’t just a season but is business-as-usual for a company that defines itself on being there when called…and whenever possible.

The video series shares six different feel-good stories from a company North Dakotans can feel good about. Each short story spotlights how FUI’s support of communities goes above and beyond.

“Farmers Union Insurance helped us keep a home for all of the youth and high school hockey in Fargo,” states Jon Kram of Scheels Arena and the Fargo Force. Kram’s story is just one of the countless communities that have been touched by FUI’s ongoing campaign of corporate giving. Morgan Forness, Central Cass Schools superintendent, shares when his district needed a new athletic field, FUI came to the table to help make their dream a reality. Ron Walters of Great Plains Food Bank credits the insurer with helping to raise over 9,000 pounds of food, or 8,900 meals, for North Dakotans in need throughout the state.

“If it’s important to the communities and states we serve, it’s important to Farmers Union Insurance,” said Kevin Ressler, chief sales, marketing & brand officer for FUI. The insurer’s campaign of community support “really separates us from other insurance companies.”

Supporting communities, and giving back, is integral to FUI’s identity and success. “Most major brands have moved away from having a presence in rural communities. We’ve actually increased the number of agencies we have in small towns to serve the population that meets our mission of building stronger communities,” said Ressler.

When a corporation truly cares — and partners with local communities — amazing things can happen, he said. From much-needed athletic fields to student-run radio stations, Farmers Union Insurance invests in the communities which it serves — and, in doing so, raises the bar for other corporations operating in North Dakota.

Watch for the video series, produced by North Dakota’s award-winning media production company, The Creative Treatment, online at or across FUI’s social media platforms.