Helping producers find ways to generate extra income when times are tough — that’s what Dakota Pride Cooperative is all about.

DPC is celebrating its 20th anniversary this season and hosted its annual meeting Feb. 21 at the Ramada Inn in Bismarck.

Executive Director Travis Bruner

Executive Director Travis Bruner said DPC — which NDFU helped develop and has continued to support — has a goal of creating extra value for its member-producers.

“We seek out new and innovative markets,” Bruner said, “and that will hopefully provide some extra cash flow and value to our producers’ operations over and above what you see on a day-to-day basis in ag.”

 The co-op works directly with buyers to select the ingredient characteristics they need to produce a profitable end product, while identifying varieties of grains and oilseeds to accomplish their goal. Producers grow crops to buyer specifications and guarantee quality with the highest level of identity preservation.

One of the latest successful programs out of DCP is hard white spring wheat. Bruner said DCP works as a go-between for the producer and the state mill and elevator in Grand Forks.

“We help find the growers and get the contracts between them and the state mill,” he said. “We help the (producers) out in any way we can, whether it’s agriculture marketing or transportation.”

Bruner is in his fourth year as executive director, and he gets a thrill helping producers find better markets.

“The cool and interesting thing to me is, especially in times like the ag world is now, is that a cooperative or a group of people like folks at Dakota Pride really rack their brains and work very hard on trying to find ways to produce extra dollars for farmers and ranchers,” said Bruner, who both farms and ranchers with his family. “It gives you a sense of worth and good feeling to know that DCP is there trying to create some avenues and markets for producers in a time of need.”

– Chris Aarhus, NDFU