Bills to Watch

2019 Legislative Assembly

The NDFU Legislative Team and members are tracking, lobbying and testifying on bills during the 2019 Legislative Session. Our primary focus is agricultural, economic and social policies. At left is committee action taken on some of the bills NDFU is tracking closely in the House and Senate. This does not encompass the entirety of NDFU’s bill tracking list. Signup for our Legislative Brief to get all the latest information. You can also login to the state’s Legislative Bill Tracking System to track bills that have been introduced.

Below is some of the testimony the NDFU Legislative Team has provided during the session, listed from newest to oldest:

SB 2012 – Budget for Department of Human Services and funding for behavioral health. NDFU testified in support. NDFU Testimony


HB 1388 – Allows second cousins to be eligible for corporate farm ownership. NDFU testified in opposition. NDFU Testimony

SB 2345 – Relates to animal feeding operations and zoning regulations. NDFU testified in opposition. NDFU Testimony

HB 2315 – Provides protections for North Dakota landowners. NDFU testified in support. NDFU Testimony

HB 1020 – Budget bill for North Dakota State University’s Agricultural Research Main Center, Branch Centers, Extension, and Upper Great Plains Transportation Institute, among others. NDFU testified in support. NDFU Testimony: Research | Extension | UGPTI

HB 1019 – Budget bill for career and technical education; specifically, funding for the Adult Farm Management program. NDFU testified in support. NDFU Testimony