The creation and reveal of a Family Farms chopper – designed and built by Paul Teutul, Jr., of Paul Jr. Designs – will be revealed on the Discovery Channel’s “American Chopper” program on Tuesday, March 5, at 9 p.m. CST.

The chopper, which was built in Orange County (N.Y.), was commissioned by North Dakota Farmers Union (NDFU). The episode features an interview with NDFU President Mark Watne in the organization’s Founding Farmers restaurant in King of Prussia, Pa. The motorcycle was revealed in December at the organization’s annual convention in Bismarck, but no videos or photos were shared.

“I appreciate Farmers Union completely trusting me with their brand. I know it’s a leap of faith,” Teutul said. “My goal is to mold the family farms message into a work of art that people will want to see. Ultimately, they’ll learn more about Farmers Union and the importance of family farm agriculture.”

The motorcycle operates on E30 and continues Farmers Union’s efforts to create demand for corn and higher ethanol blends.