Why Join?

North Dakota Farmers Union is a passionate voice for things that matter in North Dakota. We impact everyone in the state-not just farmers and ranchers!


Anyone can be a North Dakota Farmers Union member.

Whether you live on a farm or in the city North Dakota Farmers Union is right for you. And with membership dues of $30, it’s an easy way to invest in the wellbeing of our state.

Join the largest general farm organization in the state of North Dakota.

Founded in 1927, North Dakota Farmers Union is a grassroots, producer-controlled organization dedicated to 42,000 North Dakota families. There are many benefits associated with membership including publication subscriptions, hotel discounts, car rental discounts and access to National Farmers Union insurance programs.

Why should I join the Farmers Union?

• In the local community, state legislature and Washington D.C., you’ll be one of many united voices advocating for things you care about:
• Agriculture
• Cooperatives
• Rural communities
• Families
• An improved standard of living
• You can participate in cooperatives, boards and positions of leadership on all levels.
• Training encourages and empowers your active involvement
• Your participation will make a difference
• You take part in adult and youth educational programs that promote and enhance the understanding of rural life
• You will be part of North Dakota’s future

Membership Dues

Your $30 Farmers Union membership dues will support:

• Family farm agriculture, cooperatives and rural communities on the state and federal level, through the legislative process
• Promotion and development of farmer-owned cooperatives
• Youth and adult education on agricultural issues and cooperatives through conferences, bus tours and a statewide camping program
• A full-service, member-owned insurance agency
Latest agricultural, cooperative and legislative news coverage in the Union Farmer
• Family events that provide information on current farm and rural issues
• Scholarships and summer camp opportunities for youth
• North Dakota Farmers Union summer camping program (grades 3-12)

How do I join North Dakota Farmers Union?
NDFU dues are $30 per year per family (includes immediate family members under age 21). You can join North Dakota Farmers Union online and be a member in minutes!

Exclusive events for North Dakota Farmers Union members.