About Us

North Dakota Farmers Union

Guided by our cooperative, legislative and educational goals, North Dakota Farmers Union is a grassroots organization committed to the advancement of family farm and ranch agriculture and quality of life for people everywhere through member advocacy, educational programs, cooperative initiatives and insurance services.

Founded in 1927, North Dakota Farmers Union is the largest general farm organization in the state of North Dakota. With more than 60,000 farm, ranch and member families, we provide a network of educational programs, services and events that benefit farmers, ranchers, cooperatives and rural communities.

As an innovative and progressive organization, Farmers Union works to enhance legislation that supports agriculture and the cooperative business model. Each summer, we host youth camps that teach leadership skills and co-op education to more than 1,200 youth. A wide variety of social activities and educational events for producers also take place year-round.

Membership is just $30 a year. Click on a topic at left to learn more!