Educational Funds

An investment in the future

Educational funds are an investment in the future that builds, promotes and protects your cooperative every day. Educational funds grow new generations of co-op patrons and leaders. Local cooperatives support these services through a dues checkoff and contribution to education, tools that were put in place by the founding members of each cooperative.

North Dakota Farmers Union is an excellent resource for cooperatives across the state for training and leadership development. The partnership supports:

  • Strategic planning sessions, focus meetings and board retreats
  • Advocacy leadership for family farm agriculture
  • Cooperative director, manager and employee training for leadership, customer service and more
  • A voice in federal regulatory proposals
  • Promotion, publicity and consumer education on a local, state and national level
  • Policy development and research
  • Cooperative services
  • Audit presentations at your annual meeting
  • Information on how co-ops can profit with increased product availability and a reliable supply
  • New generation co-op development
  • Informational meetings
  • Special events
  • Young producer events
  • Quentin Burdick Center for Cooperatives at NDSU
  • Educational bus trips to state and regional cooperative facilities
  • North Dakota Farmers Union summer camping program (grades 3-12)
  • Hands-on “Co-op Convenience Store” set up at every camp
  • Cooperative-themed camp projects
  • Enhanced leadership skills
  • Local day classes and activities on cooperative education
  • Award trips and youth recognition
  • Adult education and training on cooperatives and leadership
  • Strong support for rural communities

This is all made possible through the partnership between North Dakota Farmers Union and the local cooperatives that honor the five percent contribution to education and the dues check-off, put in place by the founding members of each cooperative in order to support the continued success of agriculture and cooperatives in North Dakota.