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North Dakota Farmers Union

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As a member of North Dakota Farmers Union, you will receive the following benefits:

How do I become a member?

It’s simple. Just click here to get started!
Your membership benefits will then go live 24 to 48 business hours after payment has been processed.

How do I renew my membership?

Go to the member portal 

What do membership dues support?

Your $30 membership dues are distributed as follows: $3.50 is applied to your county Farmers Union, $13.50 is applied to the state Farmers Union, $8 goes to National Farmers Union and $5 covers the Union Farmer magazine subscription. These fees are set as a package so members can’t pick and choose items to eliminate. Overall, membership provides:

  • Advocacy for family farm agriculture, cooperatives and rural communities on the state and federal level, through the legislative process.
  • Promotion and development of farmer-owned cooperatives.
  • Youth and adult education on agricultural issues and cooperatives through conferences, bus tours and a statewide youth program.
  • A full-service, member-owned insurance agency.
  • Union Farmer magazine – your source for the latest agricultural, cooperative and legislative news coverage.
  • Family events that provide information on current farm and rural issues.
  • Scholarship opportunities for youth.
  • North Dakota Farmers Union summer camping program (grades 3-12).
Do I have to show my NDFU card to get the discounts?

For some benefits, you will have to show your card which can be uploaded to your smartphone for easy access. For benefits offered in our NDFU Benefits Plus program, you will not have to show your membership card. Only current members can receive those savings. Any benefits offered through National Farmers Union will not require you to show your membership card.

How do I access my NDFU membership card?

To download or print a copy of your NDFU membership card, go to the member portal and enter your Member ID number or email address. First-time users can reset their password by using the “forgot password” link below the log in. If we have electronic contact information for you, we will send you a link to reset. If you are a first-time member or we don’t have your electronic contact information, give us a call at 800-366-8331 or email

Once in the portal, you will select “members” to view your information. Then select “download” to download the image to your mobile device. You can also select “print” to print your member card at home.

If you don’t have computer access to a computer or a mobile device (like a smart phone or iPad), call 800-366-8331 and request a hard copy of your membership card.

I didn’t pay for my Farmers Union membership. Why am I receiving the Union Farmer?

Some local cooperatives pay for their patron memberships based on the amount of business you conduct. Your membership could also have been paid through your Farmers Union Insurance coverage. You can call the NDFU state office at 800-366-8331 to find out the details of how your membership was paid but in the meantime, enjoy the benefits!

I don’t live on a farm or ranch. Can I still be a member of Farmers Union?

Anyone can be a North Dakota Farmers Union (NDFU) member. Whether you live on a farm or in the city, North Dakota Farmers Union is right for you. And with membership dues of $30, it’s an easy way to invest in the well-being of our state.