Camp Opportunities

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NDFU provides camp opportunities to young Farmers Union members each summer. More than 1,000 youth participate in cooperative-focused leadership camps annually. Camps are held at two different sites, one near Elgin and the other near Dazey – check out the facilities.

North Dakota Farmers Union provides trained counselors who encourage campers to develop positive and constructive attitudes about their own capabilities through cooperation, teamwork and leadership. Our program and activities are designed to highlight the individuality in all youth. Transportation to and from camp may be provided by NDFU where feasible.

Junior Camp

Senior Camp

Camper Incentive Program

7th & 8th Grade Lock-In

What camps are full or will be soon for 2019?

NDFU camp dates can fill up quickly! The following 2019 camps are full or will be soon:

Everything is open.

For camps at capacity, there is a waiting list. These numbers are updated each Wednesday during the sign-up season and are not necessarily accurate to the day. Please contact the youth department at 800-366-8331 if you need a more accurate number.

Where are the camps located?

Here are links to camp maps:

Heart Butte Camp

Wesley Acres

What should I bring to camp?
What do you learn at camp?

At North Dakota Farmers Union camps, attendees learn about the cooperative business model by organizing and operating their own store and selling snacks, beverages, and camp souvenirs. Campers are educated on real-life issues affecting their generation through hands-on lessons in:

  • Volunteerism
  • Government
  • Cultural diversity
  • Legislative process
  • Mock trials
  • Patriotism

Campers enjoy a variety of games and activities that round out the camp experience:

  • Swimming
  • Singing
  • Theme nights
  • Sports
  • Dancing
  • Campfires
Frequently Asked Questions
How much does camp cost?

Camp fee is $125 for 3-6 graders and $175 for 7-12 graders.READ MORE

How do I pay for camp and my membership?
Registration is online and payment will be processed through the registration process.


When will I get the bus schedule?

Bus schedules will be locked in seven days prior to camp.READ MORE

Why doesn’t the bus stop in my town?

Bus stops are scheduled based on previous years’ camp attendance.READ MORE

Can my children attend camp if they have allergies?

We can accommodate most allergies.READ MORE

Can my child bunk with his/her friend?

At Heart Butte, the dorms are divided by male and female.READ MORE

What if my child takes medications?

If your child takes any medications, send them along to camp and make sure to list them along with the condition the medication is for when you register.READ MORE

Can my child call home if he/she is homesick?

When a child is homesick, we usually try to get them involved in an activity to help them have fun and not be sad.READ MORE

Can my child bring a cell phone to camp?

Youth are not allowed to use their cell phone during camp.READ MORE

What does my child need to bring to camp?

Things that your child needs to bring are: pillow, sleeping bag or bedding,READ MORE

How do I cancel my camp registration if needed?

Contact NDFU at 800-366-8331 to cancel your camp registration.READ MORE

How can I register for camp if I don’t have access to a computer?

If you are unable to utilize the online registration process, contact the state office at 800-366-8331 and we will assist you.

How can I register for camp if I don’t have a credit card?

If you do not have a credit card, it is possible to purchase a Visa, MasterCard or Discover gift card at Walmart or Target, etc., to use as payment.

Who can register a camper for camp?

Only a parent or legal guardian can register a camper. A grandparent or relative is unable to register a camper for camp unless they are legal guardians.

State Youth Advisory Council

SYAC 2017Back row: Shaun Heier, Riley Lebahn
Front row: Brittney Muske, Heidi Jacob, Sarah Schafer, Shaylyn Lefor

At summer camps, youth vote for representatives to serve on the State Youth Advisory Council (SYAC).

Each member serves as a liaison for the NDFU youth program and helps define issues that impact youth today. The board is elected by their peers during Farmers Union senior camps throughout the summer.

The council meets three times during the year and members attend two senior camps the following summer at no cost.