Alumni Association

North Dakota Farmers Union

If you’re ready to get reconnected with North Dakota Farmers Union, now is a great time to get involved!

The NDFU Alumni Association is bringing people who used to be active with the youth program, back to the organization with fun events planned and a new incentive program.

New Incentive Program
There are a lot of people who grew up with Farmers Union camps or day classes. NDFU builds awesome leaders through our youth program. Kids earn their Torchbearer Award then move on to college, but then there is a gap. Hopefully, the Alumni Association will give them another opportunity to stay connected with the organization. We can envision people using the association for networking, education and eventually, supporting the Farmers Union Foundation.

Alumni Council members include:
Cally Musland, Fargo
Erin Hill-Oban, Bismarck
Josh Kramer, Bismarck
Julie Heuchert, Grand Forks
Gayann Van Bruggen, Litchville
Perry Miller, Wahpeton

Members can host an NDFU Alumni social hour in their town to help spread the word about this new group. Members can receive up to $150 to help cover any food, drink, and/or venue expenses for the social event.

NDFU Alumni Application

If anyone is interested in participating in future Alumni events, please contact Kayla Pulvermacher at 701-952-0104.