Farmers Union Youth and Camps

Many counties conduct day classes and activities once a year. Sometimes the classes are scheduled for two or more days while others are two to three hours a day. The same curriculum is used throughout the state but each county decides when to schedule the classes. Classes are divided up by age groups and have incentives to help attract youth. Fun, social activities are also scheduled in most counties. Youth leaders in each county help with those activities. Click here to find a class near you!


Attend Farmers Union youth day class.

County Day Classes - Grades 1-12

  • Local education based day camp
  • Focused on cooperative education, leadership development, Farmers Union history and fun!
  • Yearly awards for attending class at the junior and senior level
    • First year of each level receives a banner and seal
    • Each succeeding year earns an additional seal indicating years of class
  • Opportunity to earn NDFU sponsored trips and higher awards for attending class-for more information, visit the Youth Awards page

Youth who are not able to attend class can take the class by correspondence.
2014 correspondence course
For more details e-mail Jennifer Sundeen.

Rochelle Bitz

Rochelle Bitz
Napoleon, N.D.

"Camp has always been the ultimate summer adventure. Every year, I learned someting new and came home the happiest kid alive. Farmers Union has given me so many opportunities and helped shape me into the person I am today. I'm excited to come back to camp this year as a counselor and help camers to have some of the same awesome experiences I had."

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