You’ve heard me say before that North Dakota Farmers Union is only as strong as our grassroots member involvement. Leadership from the bottom up, rather than the top down, has defined our organization for 90 years.

Much like growing a crop, the roots of a plant determine whether it will thrive. No amount of fertilizer spread from the top down can revive a plant with an inadequate root system. The same holds true for Farmers Union. The viability of our organization depends upon member engagement.

Farmers Union exists to advocate for members through the ideals of education, cooperation and legislation. Our grassroots structure infuses member input into all aspects and levels of our organization. Every member has a voice. Every member matters.

For our organization to be strong, we must hear your voice. That responsibility falls on your shoulders, not your neighbor’s. Our leaders are everyday farmers and ranchers. They are rooted in family farm agriculture and have a vested interest in the success of rural communities and cooperatives.

Because of Farmers Union’s grassroots structure, we have always had a unique pulse on the ground, which has given us relevance, staying power and a progressive agenda.

In the months ahead, we will be running “how-to” articles in the Union Farmer as part of a “Grassroots” series aimed at raising member awareness and participation. We will explain the process for everything from “How to be considered for the Policy and Action Committee” to “How to become a delegate to the state convention.”

Remember, you are the grassroots. Please take that knowledge and get involved.