NDFU policy positions are debated and adopted annually by delegates and “regular” members (i.e. farmers/ranchers) at the state convention. The positions are codified into a Program of Policy and Action (P&A) that provides a roadmap for NDFU advocacy on a wide range of issues. To submit a resolution:

•  Refer to the current P&A about the issue you want to address. The P&A is accessible online at ndfu.org under “Legislation” or call 1-800-366-8331 ext. 104 for a hard copy.

•  If your issue is not addressed in the P&A or if you think the current language should be changed, write suggested policy language.

•  Prior to your county convention, contact the county president to inform him/her of your policy resolution. At the county convention, the president will call for policy resolutions. When called upon, read your resolution or offer it in writing. The president will call for a motion and a second, then debate, before a vote to adopt the resolution is taken.

•  If adopted, the resolution will be forwarded to the state P&A committee for consideration. If the resolution fails at the county level or you miss your county convention, you can still bring the resolution up from the floor at the state convention or present it directly to the state P&A committee on the first day of the convention, prior to its start.

•  If the county adopts your resolution but the state P&A committee fails to add it to the floor debate addendum, you can offer the resolution from the floor at state convention.