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Starting an Alumni Association

Aug, 28 2015  |   general  |  It’s time to get reacquainted and reconnected with North Dakota Farmers Union. That’s what the NDFU Alumni Association is all about. Program Coordinator Brittany McInnes... Read More

Minot agent assists with Farm Rescue

Aug, 28 2015  |   general  |  Farming is not just a job. It’s a way of life and when tragedy strikes, it could mean the end of the family farm or ranch. That’s why Farm Rescue was created and that’s... Read More

Harnessing the sun for research

Aug, 28 2015  |   general  |  Northern Plains Electric (NPEC) and Dakota Valley Electric (DVEC) Cooperatives have teamed up to launch the first research project on solar power in the state. Manager of Member... Read More

New restaurant to open in 2016

Aug, 28 2015  |   general  |  A new restaurant concept, Farmers & Distillers, is set to open in Washington, D.C., in the fall of 2016. A sister concept to Founding Farmers, Farmers & Distillers will continue to... Read More

Farmer makes and collects toys

Aug, 28 2015  |   general  |  He can make something out of any scrap of wood or piece of metal. He sees potential in everything. For Verdale Anderson, nothing is impossible. All around his Heimdal, N.D. farmstead... Read More

NFU opens new Action Center

Aug, 28 2015  |   general  |  National Farmers Union (NFU) has worked to make meaningful public policy changes on the federal level. To help connect members to their activities, NFU has created a new Action Center. This... Read More

A Buzz About Bees

Aug, 7 2015  |   general  |  Beekeepers look across the yellow fields of canola and see a land of opportunity. In Cavalier County, farmers and landowners see a completely different picture. To help bridge the... Read More

Nelson County features 42 quilt signs

Aug, 7 2015  |   general  |  Driving along the country roads in Nelson County, visitors can’t help but notice some colorful signs along the roadside that look like quilt squares. The designs are painted on an... Read More

Sign-up now for 2016 dairy program

Aug, 7 2015  |   general  |  The summer of 2015 is the first summer that dairy producers have an opportunity to sign up for margin protection or adjust their level of margin protection under the Dairy Margin Protection... Read More