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Making a difference in LaMoure

Mar, 31 2015  |   general  |  Connie Bitz has been volunteering her time and talents to the community of LaMoure for many years. In addition to her farm wife duties, she has volunteered as a 4-H leader, served on... Read More

Rally for Family Farms

Mar, 23 2015  |   general  |  A “Rally for Family Farms” will be held on the steps of the North Dakota State Capitol Building on Friday, March 27, at 2 p.m. in response to the Legislature’s passage of... Read More

Carlson presented with NFU award

Mar, 16 2015  |   general  |  National Farmers Union (NFU) honored Robert Carlson with an award for meritorious service during its 113th anniversary convention. The Meritorious Service Award for American and World... Read More

National convention held in Kansas

Mar, 14 2015  |   general  |  National Farmers Union (NFU) kicked off its 113th Anniversary Convention on Saturday, March 14, in Wichita, Kansas. Hundreds of members from across the country gathered for the annual event... Read More

Q and A on the Affordable Care Act

Mar, 8 2015  |   general  |  How do I prove insurance coverage to the government so I am not penalized? When you file your 2014 tax return, there will be a space for you to indicate that you had health insurance... Read More

Plan to attend a WILD event

Mar, 2 2015  |   general  |  Three Women in Leadership Development (WILD) regional events will be held in March. All meetings will feature professional speakers that will provide tips and insights to develop leadership... Read More

Willer drives over one million miles

Feb, 26 2015  |   general  |  Jeff Willer hasn’t reached his final destination yet but he has surpassed over one million miles in his driving career. This record number includes over 750,000 miles driven for North... Read More

How does oil price affect taxes?

Feb, 26 2015  |   general  |  Generally, oil harvested from North Dakota is subject to two state taxes: the Oil & Gas Gross Production Tax (an in-lieu-of property tax) and the Oil Extraction Tax. As prices of oil... Read More

Women travel to national conference

Feb, 26 2015  |   general  |  The North Dakota Farmers Union Women in Leadership Development (WILD) program sponsored eight members and one staff member to attend the National Farmers Union (NFU) Women’s... Read More

Gluten-free diets are not for everyone

Feb, 26 2015  |   general  |  Gluten-free is the new catch phrase and the latest food fad. Grocery stores are devoting sections filled with gluten-free items and many people are following a gluten-free diet. However... Read More